Call us at 570.843.6673 to see what flavors we have in stock to ship immediately. 

We have more flavors available than we list here on the website. Orders are coming in fast so don't wait too much longer to make your Christmas order. 

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Product Showcase


Welcome to JIVE JERKY®


We are now in our new production kitchen at our new facility at 113 Van Brunt Street in Moscow. This is also the site of The Jive, a new gastropub featuring high end coffee bar, craft bee, wine bar and great food!

The Jive is open 6 days a week. Check out The Jive's facebook page at: www.Facebook.com/TheJiveMoscow.

Jive Jerky has received a lot of media coverage this past year for being a unique business. Capital One has even featured Jive Jerky in a documentary on small business in the US. Tim will be representing Jive Jerky again in January 2015 for a national commercial by Capital One. Jive Jerky was selected by Capital One as one of four businesses in the USA to do this commercial.

Jive Jerky is hand-cut jerky from the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. Our goal is to provide the masses with a GREAT TASTING, alternative to the chemically comprised big brand jerky currently on the market.  

What makes JIVE JERKY so good? JIVE JERKY is all fresh, premium meat – never frozen. We hand cut our jerky so you get only solid, lean meat and nothing else.  Our meat is neither ground up or pressed; and there are no additives.  The recipes for our jerky marinates are all our very own original recipes and are mixed at the time of use.  We want to make sure that you get the best jerky possible!  Our recipes have been painstakingly perfected over the years with emphasis on flavor and quality. In recent focus groups, Jive Jerky products have outperformed the competition.

Jive Jerky News

 Capital One does a documentary on small businesses and interviews Tim at Jive Jerky. 




 Click here to watch our segment on WNEP Home & Backyard that aired September 14, 2013.


Moscow Villager Article


Fawn holding Jive Fruit Packages

Fawn's Amazing Jive Fruit!
Published by Jerky News - 23 August, 2013

If you love fresh fuit, you'll love our Jive Fruit - a convenient way to take whole fresh fruit with you anywhere your busy day takes you. Jive Fruit starts as whole fresh fruit that is washed and cut. It is then pureed and a smidgen of agave (the stuff they make tequila out of) is added to it. After it is dehydrated, it is cut into small sheets on parchment paper so you can pull off a sheet and roll it up or fold it. The fruit is vacuum sealed so you can take it with you anywhere. Jive Fruit is all-natural and has no other additives or preservatives.  


October 2015

Tim is always creating new flavors. His latest flavor-o-sations are: Sweet Teriyaki, Tomato Basil, Garlic Basil, Sweet Red Chili, and Citrus Chipotle BBQ. You can special order any flavor we are currently making by the pound. Just call 570-843-6673.

New Location:

We are now located at 113 Van Brunt Street in Moscow, PA - The Jive. This is the Old North Pocono Public Library next to the Moscow Borough Building. This is one block behind our old location.

New hours of operation are:       

  • Wednesday - Saturday: 8 am to 9 pm
  • Sunday: 8 am to 5 pm
  • Monday and Tuesday - Closed

www.Facebook.com/JiveJerky and www.Facebook.com/TheJiveMoscow